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New visualization format

Currently the output formats Graphviz, HyperGraph, Prefuse GraphView, Prefuse NV2D and GUESS are supported. OSPFviz is build modular, so that it is easily possible to include new formats. Every format has its own perl module file ospfviz_<format>.pm in the OSPFviz directory. This module file contains the format specific subroutines to create graph nodes and edges.
sub GraphPreCreate (@) Subroutine that will be executed before the graphing begins. This is typically used to open the output file and fill it with some headings.
sub GraphPostCreate () Subroutine that will be executed after the graph image was created. This is typically used to print trailing code to the output file and close it.
sub GraphAddNode ($) Subroutine to add a node to the graph.
sub GraphAddEdge ($$) Subroutine to add a edge to the graph.
sub GraphFinish (@) Subroutine that will be executed after the graph image was created and after the sub GraphPostCreate. Use this subroutine to perform some format specific manipulations to the output file.
Create all these subroutines, even if you don't need them (just leave blank), because the main code will execute them.
Have a look at the included format modules ospfviz_graphviz.pm and ospfviz_hypergraph.pm to see an example perl code.
It is important to note that the new visualization format must support redundant paths, because OSPF works with redundant links. Don't choose a spanning-tree format (like Walrus or H3Viewer).